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Competitive Advantage

Our senior principals have decades of experience in helping companies increase value through steps such as improving business operations, capital structure, risk management and corporate governance. We have served as investors, advisors, directors or regulators, as well as actually operating businesses.

As an organization, we bring proven expertise in promoting healthy governance practices and sound business fundamentals to improve the performance / valuation of an enterprise consistently over time.

  • Analytics: We base our evaluation on rigorous analysis of business and financial fundamentals both within a given company, and on a comparative basis. We often approach our work as "private equity in public markets."
  • Reputation: We have consistently achieved outstanding results for shareholders of portfolio companies, with unmatched integrity. Our experience and track record of success makes companies willing to listen to our ideas.
  • Candor: We are known for fair and accurate analysis of problems.
  • Range: We have the experience to diagnose and fix a wide range of problems in portfolio companies. We are able to address a broad variety of financial, operational and governance-related issues that can depress shareholder value.
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